Wednesday, 8 February 2012

KROKODI - new project update

An update on the new project I'm working on, 'Krokodi' - a short animation. The team is made up of Laura McNaughton (Director and Idea Originator), Mike Webster, and myself (Production Manager). Here is the link to the group’s blog:
We have gone few a few drafts of the script but here is the most up-to-date one :
Director: Laura McNaughton
Script Writer: Lilly Durrant
EXT. Louisiana Swamp land – (EVENING)
Opening shot of a track in swamp land. Everything appears calm. Title ‘KROKODI’ appears. There is a distant sound of car engine which gradually becomes louder. Suddenly a BURGER VAN speeds into shot, driving over a fallen tree sending the van flying out of shot.

1. CROCODILE HUNTER (Audience cannot see who is screaming)
INT. Louisiana town, Burger van – (EARLY EVENING)
Cut to a happy crocodile clock ticking, with subtitles “45 minutes earlier”. Zoom out to see a bored and unhappy woman, called ‘DEE’, working in a crocodile-themed burger van. She looks up and out of van, face becomes angry and disgusted.
2. DEE
Dee’s P.O.V of a CROCODILIAN HUNTER. Reverse angle shot of crocodile boots with burger van in distance. Crocodile Hunter approaches the van. The man seems very arrogant, as he taps a burger on the menu. Dee reluctantly starts to make him a BURGER. He points at one of the happy-looking crocodile logos on the van and laughs at it mockingly.
He then produces his WALLET from which a long photo album drops out showing pictures of him and the crocodiles and alligators he has hunted and killed over the years. He points to different ones, acting out how he killed them,

Yelping, choking and gasping! (Imitating the crocodiles he hunted)
As he is boasting and showing off, he sneakily glances up and to see Dee’s furious face. Her immense anger causes her eyes to flash into a crocodile’s eyes and some scales appear for a second. He returns his eyes to the photos in his wallet – satisfied that he’s seen the evidence, that she is in fact the crocodilian creature he’s been after. She looks at him, shoves the burger into his mouth and slams shut the van window shutter in his face. He munches and crunches eagerly as off-screen engine starts up and gears grind.

Munching and crunching.
C/U Wheels spin throws up dust. Back wide the van shoots out of shot, but the Croc Hunter is nowhere to be seen.
EXT. Louisiana town – (DUSK)
Wide on burger van as it drives off out of town towards denser swampland.
EXT. Louisiana Swamp land – (EVENING)
Reprise shot 1 - Van drives over a fallen tree sending the van flying through the air for a second. Low camera shot reveals Croc hunter clinging on for dear life under the van!
C/U Front bumper and wheel, as van comes to a screeching stop at swamp. The sound of a door slamming and the van shaking indicates Dee getting out of van.
Camera pan down to see under van, Hunter in F/G and feet beyond him as they pass by. Dee’s feet now morph into crocodile feet and a crocodile tail thuds onto the ground. Hunter looks gleeful.

Wide - The Krokodi creature jumps into the swamp causing a huge splash.
Continuous - The hunter confidently commando crawls out from under the van, camera pans along with action as he forward rolls to edge of jetty in a showing-off fashion as he gets his HARPOON ready to hunt. Screwing up his eyes, he peers into the water. He sneers and aims harpoon into the water, however the harpoon has lost its’ arrow as he dropped it while forward rolling! He reaches back quickly to grab it. There’s a sound off screen. He freezes in mid pose - A rumble builds, camera shakes, Hunter almost afraid to turn, but he spins around – H/U turns to wide on Krokodi creature as it suddenly leaps out of water,

8. Krokodi

Krokodi slams heavily on the jetty end, the planks ripple along, C/U Hunter gasps in horror.

High-pitched gasp!
The planks ripple up to Hunter, flipping him into the air, the croc opens jaws wide and he plummets in, jaws snap closed.

Credits roll. The sounds of crunching and munching can be heard from Krokodi creature, the crocodilian creature, eating the hunter.
10. Krokodi
Munching and crunching.
 And here is the production schedule I have created for this semester. The brief is to create a production bible by the end of the semester.

We are currently working on storyboards, to begin I've done some very rough storyboard thumbnails, (you may need to right click on them and open them in a new tab to view more clearly):