Thursday, 6 August 2015

11SecondClub - July 2015

"Call him, see if he'll come save you."
"Yes, Wilfred the merciful, call him."

On first listening to this piece of audio I thought... Who is Wilfred the merciful?!?
My second thought was there are two people talking in this scene but is there only two, or are they both talking to a third?
I then decided to brainstorm two ideas, one which included 3 characters in a scene, the next including only 2 characters.

Idea 1
Two cops interrogating someone in a police station.

Idea 2
Two men sat in a church, one is very old. The younger man puts a hand on the old mans shoulder and tells him to call him, thinking the old man is there seeking some comfort in god/faith, however is confused when the old man calls out to "Wilfred"?!

I decided to go with the policemen idea and the next stage was to film some reference footage, in which I acted out both characters:

This is my sketchbook where I brainstormed my ideas for the animation and sketched out poses to help with the animation process:

This month my animation ranked 64 out of 151 and had some good constructive comments which I would like to use to help improve this piece of animation :)

- Malcolm character courtesy of
- Morpheus rig by Josh Burton,