Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Masters Semester 1

Here is a summary of my work from Semester 1 on the MSc Animation & Visualisation course, including links to blog posts for each project:

Polygon Model Project
Relevant blog posts at: Shoe Polygon Blog Posts

Modelled and textured shoe, rendered using multi-passes, compositied in Nuke:

Pair of shoes, ambient occlusion render:

Nurbs Model Project:
Relevant blog posts at: Nurbs Environment Blog Posts

Rendered Ambient Occlusion stills of the Nurbs interior environment model:

Rendered camera shot of Nurbs interior model:

Group Project Development Work
Relevant blog posts at: Group Project Development Blog Posts

48hr Film Project
Relevant blog posts at: 48hr Film Project Blog Posts

Life Drawing and Observational Drawing
Relevant blog posts at: Life Drawing Blog Posts and Observational Drawing Blog Posts

Research Skills and Methods module
Relevant blog posts at: Research Skills & Method Module Blog Posts

Final outcome - research poster: