Sunday, 15 January 2012

Final Jurassic Jess playblasts for deadline

As I am about to start semester 2 of 3rd year tomorrow, I thought I'd better update this blog.

Here is a playblast of shot 4 from Jurassic Jess that I animated. Jess has just discovered a tooth on the ground in an old museum storage room, then looked up to find a giant T.rex skeleton! She grrr's at it then suddenly it comes to life!

The next shot that I animated was Shot 6 where the T.rex moves down to sniff Jess, and ends up sneezing!

Here's our final film that we submitted for our deadline. This is the playblasted version and we plan to do a proper rendered out version with some of the animation fixed. I am very proud of what my team has achieved in a short time scale with limited support. This is the first 3d film I have ever been involved with making and directing - I hope that you like it :)

This is definately not the end of Jurassic Jess! It's still an ongoing project - here is the link to the blog specifically for Jurassic Jess:

VFX penguin project Report

So I know it's been a few weeks since the deadline but here is a report of how the Visual Effects Module went...
First, here is the final footage Sarah Rettie and myself submitted for the deadline - We basically pulled all of this together in 2 days, there are obvious mistakes in it (eg, the floating penguin when he bounces along the pavement) but for a first attempt ever at VFX - we were pretty happy with what we achieved:

Sarah worked on modelling, uv-mapping and texturing the 3D penguin before adding a very simple rig for animating:

We then went back to the original filming site to take some photos for Image-Based-Lighting (IBL). Which didn't start off too well, we had waited a while until the weather and lighting was similar to the original filmed footage, and when we got there a postman had left his bright red trolley thing padlocked to a lamp post right next to the site - which cast all this red light onto our scene! And to further add to this complication, men in fluorescent yellow vests were working on the bus stop electric board right next to us! Which would mean they would be clearly visible in the IBL photos we were taking! So after leaving it for about 2 hours we headed back and all was clear so we were good to go:

We balanced the chrome ball on the wall in the spot where we wanted our 3D penguin to be. As the weather conditions were slightly windy, some of our photos came out a bit blurry, due to the chrome ball moving slightly in the wind. The next stage was to combine the photos together to get a 360 photo and then erase the camera and us from it. This was achieved by using Photoshop followed by Nuke:

Taking the 3D penguin into our scene for the first time after matchmoving the footage, penguin looking rather dark here:

Build part of the wall and added an ambient occulsion layer for the shadows cast by the 3D penguin onto the wall:

Here is a breakdown of the shots - each shot took around 2 hours to render out. To put the rendered layers together we composited in Nuke:

I feel I learnt a lot about the stages of vfx in a very short time. It was also a good exercise and practise on rendering out a scene and compositing it all together.