Monday, 25 April 2011

And thats a wrap!

Handed in all my work today for assessment and Marlo the Magician film was finally completed :D
I used After Effects to composite the animation with the effects and sounds, so turn up those speakers and enjoy!

Sarah also added in a black hole zoom at the end, from taking it from program to program the quality was lost a bit and the sound is slightly out of sync, but here it is:

Roll credits:

Character Description: Lilly Durrant
Character Designer: Claire Roe
Storyboard Artists: Lilly Durrant, Charlie Lodge, Sarah Rettie, Claire Roe
Animatic Production: Lilly Durrant, Sarah Rettie, Claire Roe
Background Artist: Lilly Durrant
Sound Design: Lilly Durrant, Sarah Rettie
After Effects Compositing (light effects and sound): Lilly Durrant
Flash Compositing (black hole zoom): Sarah Rettie


Thursday, 21 April 2011

It's magic!

I watched quite a few video tutorials today trying to work out how to add some effects to our animation. And then I just tried playing around in After Effects and managed to do this:

I think this test worked out really well. And it wasn't that difficult to do! :D Once we have it all filmed, added sound effects to the animation as well, i think it's gonna look pretty grand! Monday is our deadline... but i think we're gonna get there - feeling good today! X

Semester 2 Lifedrawing

Been going through a lot of my work today, organising it all for the assessment. Thought I would post a small selection of photos of the lifedrawing from this semester. Life drawing is very important to Animators in improving drawing skills, observing and capturing lines of action, movement, volume, weight and emotions. The poses range from 2 minutes to 15 minutes long. I have tried this semester to use normal pencil less, as i was told a softer medium might be better suited for me, so i tried charcoal pencil and think it worked quite well.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Inbetweens done :)

These are Sarah's keyframes and my inbetweens, frames 1-250 of Marlo the Magician animation:

And these are my keyframes that Sarah inbetweened, frames 749-1000 of Marlo the Magician animation:


Monday, 11 April 2011


Over the last few days I've been inbetweening Sarah's keyframes. I still have most of the walk cycle to inbetween but i'm quite please with how its looking so far :)

Monday, 4 April 2011

It's on it's way there!

Been busy completing keyframes and clean-up before the Easter break (which isn't really a holiday for us all because we need to finish all of our work!)

Before our last ever 2nd year group crit, I filmed all of our groups keyframes together. This is the first time we got to see our animation as a whole:

The group crit went well, one of my goals from the very start of this project was that i wanted the audience to feel empathy with Marlo, particularly at the end when there is the realization of his ferret not being there. The film was shown to the tutor and the group and as it finished i heard "awwwh" - brilliant! Just the reaction i wanted!
One of the things that need to be worked on are a few height changing issuses in the middle of the animation.
Sarah's keframes are from the start to when he puts the teacup in his hand- these are cleaned up and ready for me to inbetween.
Charlie's keyframes are from when Marlo disappears the teacup to when he catches the runaway glove- the final timing still needs to be sorted and frames clean-up. I think with these frames there is a nice opportunity for some comedic timing when Marlo notices the glove running away. Claire will be inbetweening these.
Claire's keyframes are from Marlo shaking the runaway glove to when he is bowing. These still need to be cleaned-up. Charlie has the job of inbetweening here.
My keyframes are from when Marlo gets up from the bow to the end and Sarah will be inbetweening these.
One problem I came across after i filmed them all together and watched it back, was that Claire's hook-up frame and my hook-up frame did not match up exactly, which is why when he is bowing he appears to shift slightly to the right. We brought up the problem with our tutor and a number of solutions were discussed. I will attempt to solve the problem by redrawing a few of my starting frames, as we discussed overall it would be less work for me to adjust my frames than it would be for Claire to adjust hers. Our hand-in date for everthing is the 25th April, so it's all go go go to get everything complete to a high standard - nothing less in my books :)