Monday, 25 April 2011

And thats a wrap!

Handed in all my work today for assessment and Marlo the Magician film was finally completed :D
I used After Effects to composite the animation with the effects and sounds, so turn up those speakers and enjoy!

Sarah also added in a black hole zoom at the end, from taking it from program to program the quality was lost a bit and the sound is slightly out of sync, but here it is:

Roll credits:

Character Description: Lilly Durrant
Character Designer: Claire Roe
Storyboard Artists: Lilly Durrant, Charlie Lodge, Sarah Rettie, Claire Roe
Animatic Production: Lilly Durrant, Sarah Rettie, Claire Roe
Background Artist: Lilly Durrant
Sound Design: Lilly Durrant, Sarah Rettie
After Effects Compositing (light effects and sound): Lilly Durrant
Flash Compositing (black hole zoom): Sarah Rettie