Sunday, 15 January 2012

Final Jurassic Jess playblasts for deadline

As I am about to start semester 2 of 3rd year tomorrow, I thought I'd better update this blog.

Here is a playblast of shot 4 from Jurassic Jess that I animated. Jess has just discovered a tooth on the ground in an old museum storage room, then looked up to find a giant T.rex skeleton! She grrr's at it then suddenly it comes to life!

The next shot that I animated was Shot 6 where the T.rex moves down to sniff Jess, and ends up sneezing!

Here's our final film that we submitted for our deadline. This is the playblasted version and we plan to do a proper rendered out version with some of the animation fixed. I am very proud of what my team has achieved in a short time scale with limited support. This is the first 3d film I have ever been involved with making and directing - I hope that you like it :)

This is definately not the end of Jurassic Jess! It's still an ongoing project - here is the link to the blog specifically for Jurassic Jess: