Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Cakes and post-its...

On Monday 13th the Level 3 Animators hosted a bake sale, to raise money to replace library books that were stolen from the studio and to put money towards a printer for the studio. It was a hugely successful day, managing to raise over £215! We have many talented bakers among us!
All set up and ready to go!

My baking contribution :)
Dramatic lighting included!

More baking goodies! :D
Sarah Rettie's "Hunky Men" biscuits

Yesturday the Krokodi team was swimming in post-it notes as we tried to sort out the storyboard all day. I think we made good progress, there will probably some changes made to camera angles etc over time but i think it's a good start. Next stage is to get some final storyboards done and an animatic started. And start beginning to do concept artwork and character designs!

Thank goodness we have a big wall behind us!

The post-it notes took over my laptop too!

A rough layout of the swamp made from post-its.