Sunday, 18 September 2011

Museum script draft 1

Jess and her T-Rex skeleton are going into production! I am now in a team made of my brilliant fellow animators; Laura, Slava, Erin and Claire. We all sat down to had a brainstorm and contributed ideas to come up with a new and improved story with these characters. And you can follow all the goings on with this project over the next few months, as we bring this story to life in 3D, over here at our new team blog:
Here is the first draft of the script:

The Museum (Title due to change)

Museum – DAY
A young girl runs past a doorway with rope barriers and a ‘Do Not Enter’ sign. She doubles back to the barrier, as she spotted a big dinosaur tooth on the ground just inside the barrier. She checks no one is around, ducks under barrier to pick up tooth. As she stands and looks up, she is shocked and surprised.

A giant, menacing T-Rex skeleton looms over her in a dusty, disused/in-repair room, filled with storage boxes and an array of historical artefacts. The girl’s initial shock turns to excitement, mouthing ‘WOW’. She starts to imitate a T-Rex, growling and stomping.

T-Rex suddenly comes to life and yawns. It sees her and moves timidly down to her and breaths her scent in, her hair is drawn towards the skeleton’s nostrils and tickles them causing T-Rex to sneeze.
T-Rex slowly moves closer to her while opening it’s jaw wide and then stops right in front of her. Girl looks thoughtfully at tooth in her hand, then back to T-Rex. She puts the tooth in an empty gap in the T-Rex’s top jaw. She smiles and pats the T-Rex’s nose.

T-Rex moves back, snapping jaw happily as if testing its fixed jaw out. Stomps feet in joy causing room to shake and swings tail accidently knocking over things. Girl joins in, happily jumping up and down and giggling.
Oi! What are you doing in there?
Girl swirls head round to see a museum security guard, then looks back at T-Rex skeleton to see it back to its original position. Girl turns and walks back towards doorway to follow guard back along corridor. She turns round one more time before she exits and the T-Rex turns head to look at her, and waves. Girl smiles and waves back, then exits.