Saturday, 17 September 2011

Museum idea for pitch

So I have survived the first week back at uni as a 3rd year, and now that I have pitched my idea for the semester 1 project 'World of the Story' (a project which must feature an environment and a character or characters, to create a convincing and consistent world), that I developed over the summer, I can now show you what it was... meet Jess:
I drew her near the start of summer and thought she was interesting and had an instant likeablity. I wondered where was she going and saw her fitting in well within a museum environment. How did she get to the museum and why did she go in? I answered this by introducing another character, Grandma:

They enter the museum together to escape the rain. Jess helps her gran into a seat to rest and goes off to explore the museum. And the rest of the story was following Jess as she went around different departments. Peering into glass cabinets, running away from the Egyptian department in fright, coming across a giant T-rex skeleton and not being afraid of it, instead she imitates it, and then goes back to her gran to explain her grand adventure. I soon realised this story was way too long, and there was too much that would need to be modelled if this was to be a 3D project.

So the story I pitched was this one:

The Museum (Title not final)

Museum – DAY

A young girl and her Grandma enter a museum looking wet and dishevelled. The view outside is raining and dismal. The girl helps her grandma into a seat. Girl turns and wrings water from her T-Rex jumper, then looks up. She sees a sign at the other end of the hall for Dinosaurs. Excited she turns round to check her grandma, who has fallen asleep. Girl runs in direction of Dinosaurs.

Girl gets to a doorway and stops in her tracks, mouth opens in surprise. Camera zooms out to reveal a giant T-Rex skeleton. She walks slowly to the front of the T-Rex. Girl stretches out her jumper, looks down at T-Rex motif, and looks up, looks down, looks up and smiles in delight at seeing a real T-Rex.

The cold colours cast by the rain gradually change to warmer colours as the rain stops and the sun comes out. The sun’s rays from the window in the room dance and twinkle over the T-Rex skeleton, giving the effect the skeleton is moving slightly. Girl squints her eyes at T-Rex.

T-Rex then slowly appears to come alive. Girl puts her hand up, palm facing T-Rex as if reaching up to touch it. T-Rex timidly and gently moves head forwards. T-Rex nose and girl’s hand are almost touching.


Cough, cough.

Girl swirls head round to see a museum security guard, pointing to a sign saying ‘Please Do Not Touch Fossils’. Girl looks back at T-Rex skeleton to see it has returned to its original position. Girl is surprised, her disbelief then turns to awe and mouths ‘WOW’. Girl turns and runs back to her Grandma, who is waiting in the entrance in the sun. Girl jumps up and down with excited explaining her encounter to her Grandma as they turn to leave. Girl turns back around one last time. The T-Rex skeleton is waving at her from the doorway, girl smiles and waves back happily.

The End.

The story is about the power of imagination and is quite a simple, sweet story. With lots of character performance, which is what I like!
Here is a very rough thumbnail storyboard I drew out:


Here's a sketch of Jess with her T-Rex dinosaur jumper (she is quite geeky and tomboy-ish and has a passion for dinosaurs and fossils) and also a very quick concept painting done in Adobe Flash of the moment Jess is looking from her jumper to the T-Rex in recognition: