Friday, 15 August 2014

Masters Semester 3 - 'Tug of Biscuit'

Semester 3 on the MSc Animation and Visualisation course was concentrated around the production and completion of the short film 'Tug of Biscuit'. I directed the film and had 3 other members on the team: Kirti Goenka, Georgios Baritakis, and Sheng Li. Here is the finished film:

Tug Of Biscuit from Lilly Durrant on Vimeo.

The film is also viewable here on Youtube.

This Semester I worked on blendshapes, layout, animation, and editing, whilst directing the film.
A full detailed account of the making of this film can be viewed on my Master's blog here: 'Lilly Durrant - MSc Animation & Visualisation'.

Watercolour silhouette studies of dogs

Dog blendshapes sketches

Final Dog Blendshapes

Human character expressions

Bird expressions and blendshapes sketches

Final Bird Blendshapes

Animation begins...


Production Schedules and Animation Shot Lists

Animating the dog in Shot 3 (more breakdowns of the shots I animated can be found on my Master's blog):