Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Hit 'Refresh'

Time for an update!

Working for a year and a half on one project can be an exhausting process with many many ups and downs, challenges and triumphs along the way. It was a good moment when I finally sat back in my chair in the edit suite with the final edit of our degree show film 'Krokodi' done!

Here's  a link to the work I did for 'Krokodi': http://krokodi.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/Lilly

And here is our short film 'Krokodi':

I learnt so much working on this film and felt I was leaving the Undergraduate course with many 3D Generalist skills, and valuable Director & Production Management experience.

The Degree Show came and went by very quickly! Joanna put together a great website for our class:

I also did some themed baking for the opening night to celebrate the premiere of our film:

"Burger" cupcakes and "Krokodi" biscuits

A highlight of Degree Show week was going along to a screening of everyone’s films at the local cinema DCA – and all of the films looked and sounded amazing on the big screen!

Something new was tried this year. A few of us took our Degree Show down to London where we showcased our films in the screening room of MPC – Moving Picture Company, and invited local VFX and Animation companies along. We were also grateful to visit The Mill whilst we were in London and get some good feedback on our work.
Back home I finally stopped, read a book or two (that have been waiting patiently on my shelf for a while), watched films and caught up on lack of sleep from over the past few months!

It was great to see everyone again at Graduation :)

During the first part of my Summer I worked with a group of MSc Animation and Visualisation students on their film ‘Roses & Dust’.
My role was Character Animator and it was a good opportunity to get back into animating, after not having much chance to do any on ‘Krokodi’. It also gave me a good insight into the Master’s course... which is where I am now! Back at uni, starting the academic year as a MSc Animation and Visualisation student. My goal – to have an animation showreel by the end of the course :D