Wednesday, 27 March 2013

4th Year Bake Sale

To raise some extra money to go towards our degree show - I helped organize a bake sale. I done a bit of midnight baking on Monday for Tuesday's sale - 53 cupcakes in total! Vanilla jam swirl cakes, ginger spice cakes and chocolate cakes :)

I went through a lot of icing sugar :p

We set the stall up outside the Art Shop and were open for business from 10am till 3pm. We have lot's of great bakers in our year and we had everything from "glazed" carrot cake to apple and cinnamon tarts to Pac-Man cupcakes! 

A montage made up of Robbie's poster he put together for the sale; Charlie's chocolate cupcakes; Joanna's  Pac-man, panda cupcakes and apple tarts; and my cupcakes

Table set and ready to go!

And I am very pleased to say we raised over £180!!! Thanks to everyone who contributed cakes and biscuits to sell; and a very big thank you to anyone who came along and bought something! Lot's of very happy animator's! :D