Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Updates on projects!

It's been a bit quiet on my own blog recentlty but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy! I found that i was posting the exact same things on this blog as i was on the 'Jurassic Jess' blog and repeating myself. So all the project work I am doing for Jurassic Jess can be found here:
So do check it out! I have just finished texturing all the props that i modelled and will be rigging or doing blendshapes for our Jess character. We aim to start animating next week, which i'm really looking forward to! And have waited a while for! We have fallen behind schedule but we still have enough time to get everything finished, and it WILL be finished!

We were given out the brief for the Visual Effects Module on Thursday 27th October. And the brief is to composite a 3D object into live action footage. It must be between 15 to 30 seconds long and there must be a minimum of 2 shots with 15 seconds of visual effects. We are working in pairs, so I have teamed up with Sarah Rettie. We got some ideas down on paper straight after the briefing and both came up with lots of different ideas. I then thought of the penguin statues on the wall just outside the Overgate centre and thought it would be really fun if one of the penguins came alive!

Here are some rough sketches of the "Penguin" idea:

So we wasted no time and went straight over to the overgate with Sarah's camcorder to do some test filming of the location and penguin statues in the afternoon:
1. Walking towards penguins
2. Walking around penguins

3. Shot of back of penguins, nearest penguin comes alive, stretches wings

4. Sarah's boots representing penguin as it waddles off, and camera follows

Here's the rough storyboard that I sketched out last Thursday (3rd November) to help explain our idea to our tutor, who liked the idea very much and gave us some good advice for when it comes to filming the final footage that'll we'll be using: