Friday, 28 January 2011

Hi there!

Hello! Kinda new to this blogging thing but should get the hang of it soon :p
'Character Animation Performance' is the big project for semester 2!
Here is a general outline of the brief:
"Your group’s character is dressing or undressing when he or she notices something unexpected about his or her appearance or his or her clothing. Alternatively, something unexpected could happen externally to the character, ie, he or she hears a noise, sees a light or object. Whatever the unexpected incident is, it should be relevant in some way to his or her back story. After the incident, the character’s focus has changed – his/her body language has changed, his/her emotional state has changed."

My idea of a magician character, called Marlo, was chosen amongst our group. We have a blog specifically for this project, :)
Here is the description of Marlo from the blog:
"Marlo was a sensation. The world of magic had never seen such a young and talented performer like he! With the help of his sidekick ferret, he would tour the country leaving excitement and wonder in his path. But... that was many years ago. After the death of his only true companion - his ferret- his zeal for magic dwindled, and so did the crowds interest. Small crowds and equally small stages hardly seem enough for this once brilliant magician... but the show must go on."

The next stage was to come up with some designs for the look of the character, here are some initial sketches I did of poses and movements:

More drawings on the way! :D